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Foot Pedals

Additional control options are often necessary to fulfill additional control tasks. Therefore, we manufacture durable foot pedals for industry, offering functionalities that we adapt to easy, harsh or dangerous operating conditions.

In the process, we also factor in health requirements and offer you ergonomic foot switches.

Spohn and Burkhadt Foot Pedals SF

A variety of factors come into play for foot pedals.


Healthy and efficient work also depends on ergonomically designed foot switches. For this reason, our foot pedals come with a ribbed step plate and heel edge for foot positioning. We can also develop ergonomically adapted foot rests. Versions for surface installation or partially recessed installation are available.


You can order a metal protective hood for all pedals. Simple and sturdy mountings keep the foot pedals in place so that slipping is impossible.


The protection rating of the foot switches is between IP42 and IP56. The materials that are used are powder-coated aluminum and stainless steel. Do you have other requirements? Ask us, we work with you to develop the right solution.


The choice is yours. The controller can be single- or multi-stage, with or without resetting. We also provide analog switching is also possible, with contacts if desired, or 4-stage switching.

Spohn Burkhardt

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