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Elevator Overload Systems

Elevator Overload Systems

Sagatronic offer two systems for Elevator Manufacturers and service providers. One for overload and another for both overload and Slack/broken rope

Standard Overload System with Rope Clamp Load Cell.

This system consists of a rope clamp load cell and a single Set Point Controller.


  • 24V Operation
  • (1% +/- 0.1%) accuracy
  • If an overloaded is reached the system will reset at approximately 96%-97% of the maximum value
  • See what weight you are lifting up via the LCD display
  • Simple setting of the maximum load and at what weight you want the relay to activate
  • Ability to adjust the overload percentage between 0% to 20% (Default Value 5%)
  • Ability to select a time delay for overload of between 0 to 5 seconds
  • Option whereby once an overload is reached the door to the lift will not close
  • Warning buzzer

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