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Long-lasting resistors

Whether brake resistors or load resistors – our products for industry always have the highest quality. A service life of 20 years is nothing unusual with Spohn + Burkhardt. The individual components of resistors can be replaced easily.

We advise you on the dimensioning of your resistors and which solutions are possible

Spohn and Burkhadt Wire Wound Resistors
Spohn and Burkhadt Steel Grid Resistors
Spohn and Burkhadt Special Resistors

Benefit from our decades-long experience in resistor construction. Whether standard solutions or special solutions – all of our resistors have the highest quality and a long service life. Our resistors are basically non-wearing and replacement of individual components is possible at all times. Our international service network ensures fast spare part deliveries.

The resistor housing is available in a standard version or stainless steel version. The housing can also be painted in different colors.

Depending on the application and stress, resistors are available as wire wound, steel grid or cast iron resistor versions.

For small to medium output: Wire wound resistors

Wire wound resistors are frequently used for smaller outputs or high ohmic values. The winding consists of chrome nickel wire with a high overload capacity.
The resistor columns are installed in a sturdy frame and available as spare parts.

The housings are available in a stainless steel version. The front-side cover can be partly or completely removed for commissioning. An additional thermal switch that switches in case of an overload can be optionally installed.

Wire wound resistors are preferably supplied with an internal cooling fan. Forced ventilation is possible with an appropriate fan for higher outputs.

For medium to high output: Steel grid resistors

Steel grid resistors are produced from stainless steel resistance grids with high overloading capability due to the alloy that is used. This differentiates Spohn + Burkhardt resistors from many competitors who usually use more affordable alloys for cost considerations. The large surfaces dissipate the heat well and are best-suited for high outputs. These resistors have the highest possible temperature resistance, the melting point is well above 1000 ⁰C.

The individual steel grids are built in a frame and installed in our housing. This enables simple replacement of the entire resistor unit in case of a malfunction. All connections are easily accessible with removal of the front cover.

It is also possible to wire the connections to separate connecting strips in the lower area of the resistor, which enables even easier installation of the connection lines.

With its large ventilation slots, the housing guarantees a good air flow and optimal cooling. It can be mounted on the wall or on the floor and is also suitable for installation outdoors. Sturdy eyelet rings facilitate transport and installation.

Our steel grid resistors can be optionally delivered with thermal contacts and internal or external cooling fans.

For very high loads: Cast iron resistors

Cast iron resistors are used when temporary maximum load peaks are required. The large mass of the cast iron grid achieves a high surge resistance.
The resistor sections can also be easily replaced in our cast iron resistor. All connections are easily accessible by removing the front cover.

Cast iron resistor are delivered powder-coated steel sheet housings as standard or optionally in stainless steel housings. These resistors are also available in different protection ratings and suitable for outdoor use.

Large ventilation slot in the roof assure a good air flow. It is fastened on the wall or on the floor; massive eyelet rings aid during transport and installation.
We can also install a thermal switch and forced ventilation with an appropriate fan.

Special requirements: Special resistors

We can deliver all of our resistors in a special version, wherein we take constrained spatial conditions and the type of mounting into account.

Our resistors are also used in a wide variety of sectors: in port crane control applications, on ships and in harbors, for conveyors and drive control, in renewable energies, in power distribution, in plant construction and in test and laboratory technology.

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