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Spohn + Burkhardt

Pendant Control Panels

Pendants for easy control.

Pendants from Spohn + Burkhardt are 100% reliable for use in industry.

On request, we also manufacture special versions for you.

Spohn and Burkhadt Pendant Control Panels H-011
Spohn and Burkhadt Pendant Control Panels HV-HBV
Spohn and Burkhadt Pendant Control Panels HD

Complete your control technology with pendants from Spohn + Burkhardt. Our three models have been proven in use over recent decades and we adapt them to your requirements.

The housing is manufactured in steel sheet, plastic or stainless steel, on request. The standard colors are yellow or gray; we provide special colors on request. We can also provide individual inscriptions and labeling.

We deliver all versions with solid metal eyes for secure wire suspension and cable connections. You determine whether they are equipped with a handle frame or handles.

You also choose from the various installation possibilities: Most of our joysticks can be combined with the pendants. Various control elements are available.

We can also wire your pendant or equip it for Ex applications.

If necessary, we can also provide you with an empty housing without components.

Spohn + Burkhardt is well-known for fast delivery times and outstanding service.

Spohn Burkhardt

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