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DMC Scoreboard Systems

DMC Scoreboard systems are displays to show the weight being lifted by a crane.

DMC Scoreboard Systems

These systems are essentially load cells that send a signal to the scoreboard. The DMC scoreboards work with any type of load cells whether they are compression or tension type.

DMC Scoreboard Systems

The system is supplied with load cell cable length as per the customer’s requirements and is easy to mount and connect up.

With modern electronics there is a lot that can be added to meet customer requirements.

DMC Scoreboard Systems

Some of the options are as follows:

  • Set Points to cut the crane out when maximum load is reached
  • Analogue outputs for connection to a Data Logger or to a PLC
  • Wireless communication between the load cell and Scoreboard
  • Green / Yellow / Red lights to indicate the working range of the crane
DMC Scoreboard Systems
  • Dual Hoist systems that combine weights from both cranes with all the options mentioned in the brochure

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