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Juuko Radio Remote Controllers

“The JUUKO range of Radio Controllers are an excellent choice due to their brilliant safety features. Some of our bigger customers are Toyota SA and Bell Equipment that make use of these controllers.”

Juuko Radio Remote Controllers
Juuko Radio Remote Controllers
Juuko Radio Remote Controllers
Juuko Radio Remote Controllers

JUUKO K Series
Gives you 8 dual speed contacts and can be used for dual hoist applications

JUUKO K Series R
Gives you from a 2 to 8  dual speed contacts with a dedicated dial for proportional control.

JUUKO M Series
Made to order controllers and literally, any combination is possible with both relay and proportional control options

Juuko Radio Remote Controllers Multi Control System

Automatic Channel Switching

A system allows users to select the primary working frequency and secondary working frequency. If radio interference occurs during normal operation, the radio communication automatically switches to the secondary frequency.

  • Bi-Directional
  • Safe Communication
  • Uninterrupted Radio link benefits smooth operation
Juuko Radio Remote Controllers Range

Range Limiting

The Range Limiting function allows to reduce the maximum distance within the transmitting unit, it must remain to start up the system and to optionally limit the radio remote control working range.

This function is widely used in automobile factories where many stations in one area.

JUUKO Multi Control System

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